How to Add an Online Designer to Your Website. An Integration Strategy

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on March 5, 2013

Doing a custom product business sooner or later brings up a question of offering a self-service designer to a customers, where they could design their own product online and checkout. However, since you already have an existing website, you will look to a solution which you could add to your website rather than developing a new one. How to accomplish this?

Adding a hosted online design solution such as deconetwork is quite easy as they have straightforward guiding process. But what if you’d like to avoid all that recurrent fees and royalty, what if you’d like to customize your online designer to keep it as tailored as possible to your specific product or market.

When looking onto the market of installable packages, you might need to consider the following things first:

  • Would my platform allow to install a 3rd party package? E.g. such ready-made solutions as Wix or Shopify do not allow a backend or database to be modified nor allow adding any custom scripts to their backend.
  • What platforms can the tool integrate? Is it solely for Prestashop or will it work with Magento or OsCommerce as well?
  • What sort of products can it support? If you deliver more than one type, you would be definitely interested in a designer that will be able to cater all of your customers.
  • What will be the output of the design? Will it fit your production or are there additional required steps to make it prepare for production?

The answers to the above questions would help choosing the right product for adding online designer to your website or existing ecommerce platform. As installable package, LiveArt provides customizable designer which can be added to your existing website and offers guidance for developers. With open online designer API LiveArt designer can support any kind of platform that allows developers modifying its backend, in particular to interact with the orders database.