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LiveArt Consulting Services For Web-to-Print

Consulting Services for Web-to-Print Businesses

Get a print-on-demand solution that meets your unique business needs
LiveArt Consulting Services For Web-to-Print

Here at LiveArt, we do not just build web-to-print software. We strive to understand your current pains to provide a real solution to your business problems. We provide professional consulting services for any printing business, from established players to new ones.

Our tactic is to delve deep into your project and identify pain areas where we can suggest the right strategies and tools for building a tailored solution that meets your specific requirements and fits the best.

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Work With A Dedicated Expert Team To Achieve Your Results In Web-To-Print

Our team has in-depth expertise and experience in web-to-print for more than 15 years and can help you to find the best solution for your particular case. LiveArt consulting services can enhance your web-to-print business when you want to:

  • Move your brick-and-mortar printing business online seamlessly;
  • Start your B2B or B2C web-to-print business;
  • Automate and scale your current web-to-print business;
  • Develop a bespoke w2p solution with the in-house team for your new product launch;

How We Work

Our consulting services start with a discovery phase where we discuss your requirements and current pains, study feasibility, and possible solution design. Based on this, we quote required development efforts and present technology and solution to meet your pressing needs. Such an approach allows us to identify your expectations, minimize risks and prove your concept idea at the project start.

Project discovery stages:

  1. Discuss your project and current pains;
  2. Determine your business requirements and document them clearly and comprehensively;
  3. Confirm the feasibility of your ideas;
  4. Identify potential technical risks;
  5. Build application prototypes and design;
  6. Prepare a breakdown of the ballpark estimate;
  7. Present the final solution and business offer;

How You Can Benefit

Get early support and consistent communication

After the requirements elicitation, we work on the feasibility of the possible solution by building proofs. Once we validate that the solution approach is good enough, we estimate the required efforts.

Based on our communication and findings, you can understand whether the solution approach fits your budget range. We provide clear communication and can collaborate to develop multiple options depending on your available funding.

Build proofs

To ensure the success of your business idea and minimize technical risks, our team develops proofs and demos. Frequent and continuous demo releases also enable us to gather feedback from you and your customers at an early stage and take them into account for the final proposal.

Select a suitable tech stack

Based on the nature of the required features and your future plans, our team advises the right technology stack and services to build a robust, secure, and scalable solution.

Get a ready plan for your business transformation

Based on requirements elaboration and our communication, we develop and present a plan to transform your current business pains into a solution that takes your business to the next level.

Decide and go

Once we present the business proposal, we deeply discuss the project goals and success criteria final touches. Our team of presale experts meticulously considers any unique aspects to guarantee that your project concludes with a remarkable boost to your business.

Our Expertise In Action: Already Helping Out Businesses To Grow

MK Trading Company
MK Trading Company   Custom Knit Socks (USA)

MK Trading Company produces custom-knit sports socks. The task was to provide a simple process for the user as possible to configure the product with the desired colors and options. The sock builder and its backend were integrated into the Shopify e-commerce platform.
Metalpressions   Custom jewelry online (USA)

Personalized jewelry - what better way to mark a special occasion or make an eternal memory! Imagine precious words on an everlasting charm accompanied by a symbol of love, beautifully put together in a jewelry design meant exclusively for someone.

Stickylife   Customizable Stickers and more

Stickylife offers vast variety of promotional and printable products. Utilizing a number of tools, such as sticker designer, vinyl lettering designer, button designer, key chain designer and such, it allows customers to be creative either with premade templates or huge selection of colors and sizes.

Redcliffe Imaging
Redcliffe Imaging   Professional print service for artists (UK)

While already having a card printing solution in place and being our customer, Recliffe approached us with the task of replacing the existing solution that allows artists and photographers to upload their files and get them printed. The in-place SaaS solution was used that could not be either tailored nor customized. LiveArt not only rebuilt the solution but also implemented a number of suggested improvements for end users.

Why Working with Us?

Experience & Expertise

With many years in web to print business we completed 100+ successful projects and gathered expert team that can craft any custom w2p solution that solves your problems.

Controllable Costs

Our development processes are transparent and inviting to the client. We adhere to agile principles where you control the scope of work to fit your budget and expectations.


We build flexible and scalable solutions that can handle new requirements and accommodate your business growth over time. Grow fast with no restrictions.

Take Your Print Business To The Next Level