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About Us


LiveArt is a web-to-print product and service company with strong experience in developing scalable web-to-print solutions since 2008. We provide a range of services, including custom web-to-print and print-on-demand development, print business consulting, and digital marketing. As a service company, our aim is to address the gap between off-the-shelf web-to-print solutions available in the market and the growing needs of print businesses requiring more custom-tailored solutions.

We are also engaged in out-of-the-box product design tools development. The supported products involve sports uniforms, apparel, stickers, signs, decals, promotional products, and many other products that can be printed.

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  • Custom Web To Print Development - where we can develop any web-to-print or print-on-demand tailored solutions for B2B and B2C businesses.
  • Print Businesses Consulting - where we provide early support, proofs, and ready plan for your print business transformation.
  • Digital Marketing for Print Businesses - create your digital presence, drive more sales and engagement to your business.


We have developed a range of off-the-shelf products that are tailored to meet various business needs and will take your business to the next level by getting rid of manual labor, print errors, and returns.

  • Shopify Product Designer - allow your customers to personalize and order merchandise and print-on-demand products directly on your Shopify store.
  • Magento Product Designer - provide great product personalization experience for your customers with instant proof of any design changes.
  • WooCommerce Product Designer - offer online product customization with with pre-integrated product designer plugin.
  • Get a Quote Tool - allow your customers to submit a quote with their DIY design idea.


We collected our experience from 2001 while working on regular development and launching the first print-on-demand solution. For now, we have completed more than 100 successful projects, which gives us a deep understanding of our clients' businesses and challenges.

Our experience is what drives us today, sharing it with companies that struggle with design orders processing to help them transform their business.


Our team is all about Expertise on the web to print matter and modern techs. When working on projects, we praise Transparency and Clarity with our partners and clients.

Effective Collaboration is what we thrive on when developing custom solutions or products and we take great care to ensure that our communication remains open and constructive throughout the process. Our approach leads us to Customer Success, which is the ultimate metric of our work.

Our Expertise In Action

MK Trading Company
MK Trading Company   Custom Knit Socks (USA)

MK Trading Company produces custom-knit sports socks. The task was to provide a simple process for the user as possible to configure the product with the desired colors and options. The sock builder and its backend were integrated into the Shopify e-commerce platform.
Metalpressions   Custom jewelry online (USA)

Personalized jewelry - what better way to mark a special occasion or make an eternal memory! Imagine precious words on an everlasting charm accompanied by a symbol of love, beautifully put together in a jewelry design meant exclusively for someone.

Stickylife   Customizable Stickers and more

Stickylife offers vast variety of promotional and printable products. Utilizing a number of tools, such as sticker designer, vinyl lettering designer, button designer, key chain designer and such, it allows customers to be creative either with premade templates or huge selection of colors and sizes.

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Why Working with Us?

Experience & Expertise

With many years in web to print business we completed 100+ successful projects and gathered expert team that can craft any custom w2p solution that solves your problems.

Controllable Costs

Our development processes are transparent and inviting to the client. We adhere to agile principles where you control the scope of work to fit your budget and expectations.


We build flexible and scalable solutions that can handle new requirements and accommodate your business growth over time. Grow fast with no restrictions.