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Shopify HTML5 Product Designer

Shopify Product Designer

Online product customizer for your Shopify web to print storefront
Shopify HTML5 Product Designer

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms for starting web to print businesses and selling personalized products. Our LiveArt HTML5 Product Designer can be seamlessly integrated with your existing Shopify storefront. No matter what products you are planning to sell - our Shopify product designer works with team uniforms, signs, stickers, t-shirts, and promotional products. Suitable for many printing methods such as screen printing, sublimation, DTG, engraving, and vinyl cut. Let your customers personalize any product creating their own designs with artwork, text, and see all changes on the live preview.

Start selling personalized products in your Shopify store with our online product designer

Forget about scary things like tons of emails, much time spent on communication with your customers, incorrect files that are not suitable for printing, and refunds. With Shopify custom product designer, it becomes easier to automate your workflow and minimize production efforts. Enable the personalization for your customers and manage all the aspects of the web to print cycle from creating product designs to printing ready files.

How does it work?

  1. Our team integrates the solution into your existing Shopify store.
  2. You enable customization for your static products via admin panel by configuring product parameters such as printing and editable areas, product colors, artwork gallery, restrictions, and preparing design templates.
  3. Once configured, your products will automatically have a “Design It” button on the respective product pages. This button will lead your customers to the designer tool for further product customization.
  4. Your customers can design products with live customization and instant preview on your store!
  5. You get all the orders in the Shopify admin panel with all the details and production-ready vector PDF files to fulfill customers orders.

Shopify Product Designer Features:

For Customers

  • Use premade templates gallery for any product or start from scratch.
  • Multiple locations support for complex product personalization.
  • Colorize product panels and apply the gradient. Multiple color gradient included!
  • Add custom text to your design. Choose the most appealing font from the free gallery, change colors, letter spacing, resize and apply cool effects.
  • Upload your own artwork in any format such as JPEG, PNG, SVG, GIF, or select from the available gallery.
  • Create a roster for uniforms and pick a size for each entry.
  • See all design changes on the live preview.
  • Share the design or save it for later use.
  • Mobile-ready interface which works seamlessly on tablets and PC as well.

For Shop Owners

  • Set up any print-on-demand product and allow your customers to customize it.
  • Configure product locations - front, back, sleeve, and others, and set printing area.
  • Create pricing rules depending on the number of colors or design square units. Decide how much you want to charge for any custom design.
  • Create unlimited templates and design ideas to make the customization process fun and easy.
  • Manage fonts, colors, and artwork galleries to suggest to your customers the best options.
  • Set restrictions for customers. For instance, set min DPI and show a warning message if the image does not meet print quality standards.
  • Set up one color or multicolored products and artwork.
  • Manage your customers' orders and get high-resolution print-ready PDF output.

Custom Shopify Web To Print Solutions Available

  • A solution tailored to your specific needs
  • Unique workflow and custom UI/UX design
  • Create complex products configuration

Client's success stories

MK Socks
MK Socks   Custom Sport Socks

MK Socks provide a large amount of socks patterns and styles that you can personalize according to your needs. Customize your socks colors and even upload your own custom logo. Create a unique socks design easy and stress-free for your baseball, football or workout activity.

Crossover Culture logo
Crossover Culture   Custom Team Uniforms

Crossover Culture is a basketball-centric brand offering footwear, apparel, sports gear, and accessories. With the LiveArt uniform builder, they allow their customers to personalize custom team uniforms and reversible uniform sets with their colors, logos, and team names & numbers. The 3D realistic look feature of the templates enables Crossover Culture to offer a superior customer personalization experience.

ChristianStrong   Custom Christian Gear

Christian Strong is a brand that has thrived for years off the basis of faith and offers custom religious apparel for its clients to show love for Jesus Christ anytime! Christian Strong offers Custom Designer to design own christian apparel from scratch or use a multitude of premade templates.

Key Features

Professional Consulting

Our goal is to hear your pains and find the best fit for your case based on our 15+ years of experience.

Easy To Use

The tool is user-friendly and responsive. Only useful features for effective communication, design, and ordering process.

Simple Licensing

Annual payment. No hidden fees, no commissions or royalties. No revenue sharing!

Easy To Customize

Our dedicated team can customize the tool or build a tailored solution according to your requirements.

Responsive HTML5/JS Based

Our design tool is based on HTML5/JS techs, ensuring the best performance, flexibility, and scalability.

Automate your web to print business