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What output does LiveArt Designer provide?

LiveArt produces vector SVG that contains preview of the product, the design itself or both. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics and is a universal vector format that can be previewed on web, published as PDF right from your browser or converted into a number of other formats using various tools including Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Inkscape, ImageMagick or online services like CloudConvert. Contact our product managers to get advise for your particular business.

Will LiveArt work with Shopify, Volusion, BigCommerce?

Yes, LiveArt HTML5 can be integrated into these hosted platforms using the middleware of your choice. Please note that the solution would be custom built for your particular case.

How can I integrate LiveArt with my website/e-commerce engine?

LiveArt is an application, based on HTML5 stack of technologies. It is configurable with a set of JSON files describing which products, fonts, colors, images etc will be used. The result design is passed to a back-end using a POST request which can be parsed by your software.

LiveArt is also an application which could be integrated into existing website or e-commerce platform. LiveArt just requires 3 things to implement: input services, outgoing services and placement into html page. The input services include automated XML generation to feed LiveArt with data on products, colors, artwork gallery etc. The outgoing services comprise acceptance of order results, design SVG, saving or loading design.

For more information, welcome to visit our official documentation.

How much we can customize the interface?

LiveArt HTML5 has the open source part of the UI/UX code, which one can customize and extend to their liking. You can add new labels, update Bootstrap CSS styles, create custom javascript handlers and more. While our team would be glad to help you out understanding certain functions of the LiveArt, please keep in mind that free support does not extend to your modified code.

Do I get free updates and support for the product?

Yes! With each LiveArt license, you get a free support for 12 MONTHS. This includes free bug fixes, minor text changes in interface and assistance with operating the solution. New feature requests, personnel training, timely case response are paid according to standard hourly rate.

LiveArt team offers high quality and all possible bugs, glitches or inconsistencies are fixed for free during 1st year of operation. If you are using LiveArt HTML5, you will be also entitled to obtain upgraded versions (released once a quarter in average) if your LiveArt was not customized.

How fast should I expect to have a functioning site with complete LiveArt Shop solution?

The customization and installation of LiveArt takes from 1 and up to 10 weeks and depends on platform of your choice and optional customization you will order. Please be advised that after the solution is deployed to your location, it would also require setup from you, in particular:

  • Upload fonts you will be using;
  • Create and upload artwork for artwork galler;
  • Setup products, their images, properties and pricing;
  • Setup general website content;

How can I order a LiveArt for my business?

Use our feedback form or contact email and send us a brief description of your business and needs for online design application. Our manager will contact you shortly and would suggest a product and a customization plan.

Is it possible to localize the tool?

All localization works are performed by our team according according to agreed hourly rate for service. Scope for localization is estimated first, so that you can get an idea of cost.

For LiveArt HTML5 product you can translate the tool on your own by editing either language file or updating the interface HTML/CSS/JS respectively.

How can I add my own logos to LiveArt HTML5 gallery?

LiveArt supports web formats of images like PNG, GIF and JPG as well as vector images in SVG. SVG can be obtained by exporting EPS, AI, CDR or other formats in your favorite software. You can also use online service like CloudConvert or VectorMagic to create stunning vector images that will have crisp quality on both desktop and mobile devices.

The bitmap formats are imported as is without any modifications. Depending on your customization, you might also need to prepare thumbnail images.

Where do I see administration area for LiveArt HTML5?

LiveArt HTML5 is a web component that is fully client-side and thus is not tightly-coupled with admin area of certain platform. All properties and catalogs are configured via set of JSON files you can modify or generate automatically upon integration.

If you go with complete solution like Magento or WooCommerce, LiveArt HTML5 Shop would already contain admin area where you could upload own products, define their properties and manage catalogs of fonts and gallery

Key Features

Easy to use

Anything you change will be reflected immediately on the preview. Upload own Artworks. Save vector production-ready PDF files

Lifetime licence

One-time start-up cost, no hidden fees. No monthly costs, commissions or royalties. No revenue sharing!

Fully manageable

Take full control on products, fonts, colors and artwork clipart. No restrictions!

Responsive HTML5/JS Based

Based on HTML5/JS techs, our responsive designer is mobile and tablet friendly, for Android, iOS and Windows devices.