Effective Proofing in Online Design Software

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on May 28, 2013

Every manufacturer wants their customers to convey thoughts directly onto product without necessity to translate them. The results of such thoughts should be sufficiently clear and valid from the production point of view. At the same time, customer should get what they expect in terms of result. In other words, the proofing process should simple, robust and adjust customer expectations respectively.

To run proofing effectively for your online design application, a couple of advices may come into use. You are welcome to share or tweet your advices that might be helpful to anyone!

Have realistic product background. Unless you are printing on empty canvas, having a product on which design would look realistically is very important for user proofing. Since most online designers present frontal perspective of a designed product, it’s important to keep the product image as flat and clear as possible.

Inform user on possible changes and constraints. Both product template and online design software should inform user how the design should be best positioned, so that it could be really printed. Your particular printing technology may impose constraints on how item can be designed - any of these should be clearly stated to user.

Handle additional options. Certain customizable products offer additional options that user should indicate before checking out. To make these more easy on user, present them in a clear and natural way. Most users don’t like to go through lengthy forms so make sure most of the options have popular choices already selected - there’s always chance user would exactly need the default ones.

Reduce extra steps of proof confirmation whenever possible. Like many others, LiveArt Online Designer Software offers user a What You See Is What You Get experience which means, if setup is correct, should offer user an instant proof during the design phase. Any additional steps, confirmation requests via email or checkbox may be frustrating for user as you distract him from his main goal - order a customized product!

Good luck with proofing and happy online designing.