Organizing Software Change Management for Online Web2Print Solutions

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on March 28, 2013

As an agile software company, LiveArt strictly adheres to principles of software change management (SCM). For agile company this means we always thrive to deliver faster and correct issues or implement upgrades in a timely manner.

Agile development allows us to plan the projects without excessive project management input, thus reducing much of the bureaucracy any project contains. Since there is no natural need to compile multiple pages of software development plan or specification, any requirements can sent to us just as wishlist, list of user scenarios you would like to happen or simply tell it in your own words. What’s more, one can even change requirements on the fly, our team will react respectively and replan the changes as needed.

Despite the available effective methodologies, our expertise and knowledge, we still advise our customers to keep the project management triangle constraints in mind. Knowing general project constraints would help you in planning the customization in most cost and time effective way. Depending on urgency and complexity of the project that is submitted to us, our project managers will always advise best approach to address the needs and business goals for your online product designer project.

At the same time we are always open to ideas which we add to our upgrades roadmap for the base versions of LiveArt. Welcome to share an idea to us and demand it's development once you become our customer. Happy designing!