Template Based and Variable Data Printing with LiveArt HTML5

In web to print business, it is often required that user can quickly order personalized product out of certain template which already has design elements created by professional artist. Such templates gallery may greatly help customer in visualizing their desired product and streamlining the whole process of ordering.


Template based printing may also prevent users from placing design elements in the unlikely position than can be close or in safe or trim areas. While implementing the least is also important for online web to print design tools, a fixed elements template would guarantee that the output would be fine to print without going back to customer for additional approval.

Variable Data Printing is extremely helpful for business cards companies, where user can simply create a batch order by simply selecting template, uploading company logo and sheet with people information. The sheet would contain variables such as name, second name, address and email and so on that will immediately populate on design. Implementing VDP benefits easiness to both customer and business owner as it makes the whole process faster, cheaper and bullet-proof valid.

LiveArt HTML5 Product Designer supports both template based and variable data printing. While integrating, business owner may set specific user flow rules and setup both normal and VDP products. Additionally, there is no need in learning specific software for creating such templates — everything is done within same simple product designer.

To apply for VDP or Template based printing please supply the following information:

  1. Product type you are going to print on.
  2. Pricing rules that are associated with user choices.
  3. How many and which variables will be required in each template.
  4. Applicable examples per each template and product type.

Our team will quickly get back with applicable package and assist with the setup. In future, you will be able to prepare own new templates and lists for VDP printing.

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