How The Jewelry Store Scaled Business To The Global Level Using Our Print-On-Demand Platform

Project Overview

MetalPressions is a USA-based jewelry company offering hand-stamped, personalized jewelry for men and women, such as necklaces, charms, cuff links, rings, bracelets, and more.

Business Goals and Pains

Starting as a small family business crafting jewelry in their garage, MetalPressions was passionate about creating unique and innovative custom jewelry, providing customers with the best online shopping experience ever. 

MetalPressions was aware that there were many custom jewelry makers on the market, and actually jewelry industry is highly competitive.

They understood they'd need to differ from their competitors to succeed in this business. 

The company contacted LiveArt back in 2009, looking for a tool that would help them introduce design capability and improve customers' experience on their existing AbleCommerce shop.

This is how MetalPressions saw room for growth in their business.

At that time, all the processes and communication with customers were manual.

Their customers were calling them by phone and describing how they wanted their jewelry to be personalized or sending low-quality mockups, which led to ineffective back-and-forth customer service.

The primary goal for MetalPressions was to let their customers design jewelry online and see the result before purchasing it, unlike other competitors who usually offer some forms to fill out or limited personalization options that don't meet customers' needs. 

How LiveArt Met The Needs

We started with a simple WYSIWYG designer offering customers the flexibility to pick jewelry elements such as charms, necklaces, and others, place a hand-stamped text in any orientation, and embellish the creation with gems.

It allowed customers to design the exact piece of jewelry they envisioned while being able to see all changes in real-time.

Once we added a jewelry designer to the MetalPressions website, the client noticed significant conversion growth and more streamlined order processing, which finally led to more satisfied customers.

The application also reduced the daily routine and consumer support while focusing on manufacturing. 

With the purchase of new laser equipment, MetalPressions immediately saw the opportunity to engrave custom imagery onto jewelry.

The initial process was very manual and slow. Customers emailed images and waited for an estimate after their design was manually digitized and proofed using third-party tools.

This approach was time-consuming and did not provide customers with so desired design-your-own-jewelry experience. 

To address such a challenge, LiveArt offered a solution to allow image uploading directly to the jewelry designer

It allows the customer to drop any photo digitized as an engraved image during the design process, crop the part they want to engrave and preview how it looks on the jewelry item instantly on their piece.

As a result, Metalpressions was able to add more versatile templates to their website, including handwritten parts of the design or laser-engraved artwork, as well as soldered elements.

All of the above significantly improved their unique selling proposition, thus increasing conversions and customer satisfaction with the products and services.

MetalPressions' business was running smoothly, but they wanted to take it to the next level. They saw a great opportunity to extend by working with resellers' physical stores.

The goal was to build an on-premises kiosk network where customers, with the assistance of a salesman, could design and order custom pieces directly from a jewelry designer while in the store. 

LiveArt team devised a microsite for each vendor to allow customers to build jewelry pieces from scratch or use the vast MetalPressions catalog of premade templates.

From an admin perspective, we built a tool to manage resellers and the orders they sent MetalPressions for further manufacturing.




As each kiosk is essentially a large tablet device, we adjusted the Kiosk mode for the MetalPressions website to fit such screens and ensure a user-friendly interface and excellent customer experience.

After launching the kiosk network, our client saw significant results in increased revenue and visibility.

Scaling a jewelry designer to a turn-key platform provided excellent business value for MetalPressions, allowing them to expand the kiosk network and promote business to the next level. 

Our client works with 13 physical jewelry stores and plans his subsequent collaborations.


Starting from a simple hobby, our client scaled their business to a global level
, having many resellers' physical kiosks and customers worldwide.

Moreover, improving their jewelry business with a turn-key print-on-demand solution allowed MetalPressions to help many brick-and-mortar stores adopt the advancements of the digital age and transformation.

What's next?

We are constantly working on solution enhancement with some great features to empower our client to reach his highest potential and open new doors of opportunity: collaborative editing, capabilities of AR, and the use of the latest AI advancements are the following immense opportunities for the jewelry industry and the personalization era overall.

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