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4 Ways you can save costs using web to print tool

Whether you are selling business cards, t-shirts, or jewelry, you may wonder how to reduce business printing costs. According to the research, every company spends money on printing approximately 1-3% of their annual revenue. How many times you or your clients face the problem of design errors and the need for rework? Nowadays, everything is going online, and printing business is not an exception. But even doing your printing business online can be wasteful. Maybe it is time to consider adding a web to print tool to your website? Here are 4 ways you can save your money using it.

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1. Time-saving

It is truly said that time is money. Web to print tool gives automation to the whole process. Customers can choose the product they want to personalize, use pre-design templates, and place the order in a few clicks. No long queues and irritated customers. Everyone can order the product anytime and anywhere.


2. Fewer fulfillment errors

The human factor is the most common cause of errors in any filed. In the printing industry can be a lot of human errors because all the fulfillment work is done manually. With the web to print software, you can reduce this amount of mistakes. As a result, you get fewer returns and more satisfied clients. 


3. Fewer outcomes per material

How do you know how many items you should produce? Did you have unsold items left? Embedded web to print tool reduces the number of unused goods because all orders occurred only on an as-needed basis. You do not need to print a large number of products in the hope that someone will buy this. Moreover, this is the first step to become more eco-friendly as we know our planet suffers from pollution.


4. Faster processing of customer design order

Web to print tool cut down on communication and the order process. Instant design proof allows your customers to make sure that they order what they need and enable you to make sure that you perform the order correctly. You do not need to spend your time figuring out the design, size, or color. 

To conclude, web to print tool can be beneficial for your business. Imagine that you can spend saved money on marketing strategy or improvements for your website and gain more customers. You will not know until you try. If you have decided to take your business to the next level, feel free to contact us.

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