Online Product Configurator with LiveArt HTML5

Having an online product configurator on a website is common for products that are open to customizable options, additional services, or qualities. The product configurator captures user preference and helps in conveying it to order details. If the order itself requires more than just shipping products to the address, accurate configuration information is important for the backend office of production. 

Most eCommerce websites support product options that are available to the user. These could be the color of the product, a particular variation of it, or extra support or service. The options may also affect pricing depending on the choice, provide discounts, and such. Related pricing changes may render online, giving the customer a precise quote for the custom product they are going to order.

While LiveArt HTML5 software primary function is being an all-in-one product designer, it can be also used for product configuration along with putting decorations like text and artwork. While the state of the art eCommerce product configuration forms normally don’t allow the user to preview the custom product, LiveArt HTML5 preview may change depending on the options chosen.

 Designing uniform with LiveArt HTML5 designer

One of the prominent examples is a uniform configurator, where normally the customer’s goal is to select the colors of their team, upload the logo, and add some texts like team names. LiveArt HTML5 Product Designer provides shop owners with the ability to build configurable products that can change their look as the user tries various options. Coupled with the live quote system, the product configurator gives users transparent and quick quotes making ordering simple and robust.

Not only uniforms but also other popular products like phone cases can be loaded into LiveArt HTML5 Product Designer for live configuration and decoration. Having a live configuration of the product would eliminate the necessity to have heavy forms on your website and make the process easy and fun for your customers.

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