Custom Face Masks in LiveArt HTML5 Designer

Custom face masks

Our usual way of life had changed when we faced the COVID-19. Some things, such as antiseptics and face masks, have become an integral part of our daily lives. Since the masks are a must-have for communicating with others or just go shopping, everyone wants to stand out. You can protect yourself from the Covid-19 or polluted air but also be stylish and cheer up others in such a difficult period. 

However, when you regularly wear a simple mask, you might feel like you are losing your identity. Nobody would even recon your smile! That is why having a mask with a cool design is a trend nowadays. It is known that wearing a thing designed according to your needs changes your perception from “I need to wear this” to “I want to wear this.” Many people began to use custom masks with their photos, meaning that only that part of the face that is hidden under the mask will be printed on the mask. These masks create a feeling for others that you are without the mask, but still, you protect them and yourself from infection. Perfect combination, right?

What do you need to allow your customers to buy custom face masks online?

     - A ready-to-operate online store;

     - Ready face masks designs or online face mask customization tool;

Why is an online customization tool better?

Using the web to print tools in shops is gaining more and more popularity, as it can cover all your customers’ needs and streamline orders. A lot of online mask sellers offer ready designs for their customers. However, what if you place the design process in the hands of your customers? What if you give them the opportunity to add custom text with desired color and font, add artwork from the gallery or upload their own, place the design whenever they like, or provide the editable area? You will save your time and money to build new and attractive designs. Moreover, you will get more loyal and engaged customers who will value their unique personalized mask.

LiveArt cannot stay away from this trend. Therefore, we decided to add masks templates, including respirator masks, to our LiveArt HTML5 Product Designer SDK so that you can test and see if such a solution suits you and your customers.

You can try our demo or install it on your premises to test and play with it.

     A gif describing the process of face masks customization in LiveArt HTML5 Designer demo


Benefits you get with the LiveArt:

Automation is the key

Have you ever thought that you are spending too much time and effort to complicatedly email with the customer and try to meet their requirements and approve the order? The online designer allows you to simplify the whole process. You do not need a ton of messages anymore. With the designer, the customer will be able to choose the appropriate color, size, text, picture, and place it wherever it is convenient. Moreover, it will be easier for you to process orders while making it more comfortable for the buyer to track them.

Real-time changes. 

LiveArt designer allows you to empower your website with true WYSIWYG. What does this mean? This abbreviation stands for what you see is what you get. Customers can see all the changes in real-time. This feature allows your customers to understand whether customized products meets their needs and gives an idea of how these products will look live. Thus, you have fewer refunds since customers create the design they want, place it according to their needs, and choose the preferable size.

Permanent license.

Our customers are always important to us. Therefore, we offer you the two types of licenses - designer component for those who already integrated with an eCommerce platform and full-fledged shop with the product designer built-in. No hidden payments and monthly costs, you buy only the license and may use it as long as you want.

Integration with popular platforms.

If you want to upgrade your website with a popular eCommerce platform, LiveArt is here to provide ready integration with WooCommerce/WordPress, Magento 2, nopCommerce, and Shopify. Moreover, our dedicated and high-quality developers team is ready to build a custom integration for you, according to your need and desires.

Fast and responsive.

LiveArt HTML5 is fully responsive, and that means that the designer will be adaptive to the sizes of all devices like tablets, smartphones, and PC. You have a chance to provide your customers with the perfect shopping experience and get loyalty and engagement from them.

Simplicity over complexity.

LiveArt provides you with easy navigation and a user-friendly interface. No extra buttons and steps, only built-in tools that your customers need for creating personalized products they will be in love with. Moreover, they can save the design to share with friends later or load their designs easily - they only need to enter the email.

Design features.

Huge gallery with ready artwork for free and the ability to upload your own. LiveArt designer supports multiple file upload formats like PNG, JPG, SVG, and GIF. Make your design more interesting by adding text. Decorate your text with different font options, vector effects, or multi-line adjustments. Also, the demo products are not canonical, so you can add and set up other products and let your customers personalize them.

Continuous support from our dedicated team.

Our team wants to deliver you the solution that meets your needs, so we can help you if you have any questions or concerns. You get three months of free support after buying the license and can hire us for custom development if you want to upgrade your online shop.


LiveArt is a reliable partner in building business solutions that are based on product customization. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or want to start an online web to print business! 

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