Using Multicolor Products in LiveArt Lite Product Designer

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on February 20, 2013

We have been frequently asked how people could upload their multicolor products into online product designer. While shop admin always can create multiple products for different color combinations, it is not quite natural if there is just a single product in different colors. Our team gathered and we started a journey into making this process as easy as possible for both shop owners and our beloved users.

The customers would generally think of picking up a single product and trying out different colors for it. One of the examples to think of is a uniform which has a number of standard areas, so called panels, to put colors on. Different teams would like to have their team colors, but they won’t be too enthusiastic in roaming through whole catalog of available color combinations searching for the one they need.

It’s all about time and number of clicks or taps (here goes tribute to tablet users) that are needed to get what you want. So picking a product (one!) and picking colors you need (two, three, four...) is always better than endless picks on the catalog. Needless to say how many customers could be lost with such annoying experience.

A challenge we have met is ability to support multicolor products and make it intuitive for user to select the colors needed. Thus, a two-step process was implemented - first select a product, then select applicable colors certain product supports.

Now all LiveArt Lite administrators can prepare their multiple colors products for online design with a few simple steps. The technical requirements include product to be in vectors and target template file is compiled into .swf. For more information you are welcome to refer to our help article.