Your Online Product Designer as Marketing Tool to Promote Your Business

This post was inspired by a business meeting I have conducted recently. Among the obvious common talks on business objectives to be met and requirements for a personalization tool, a number of concepts was talked. Most of these will sound familiar or even trivial, yet they clearly show how the design tool may bring your business in the world of tomorrow, where having a product customization would become a must.

Today it’s not just about personalization. It’s about someone expressing their own identity by means of having their own unique product, whether it’s a t-shirt, mug, wristband or a postcard sent to a friend. Respectively, they do it from your website with an online design tool. Your product designer is not just a designing tool, but a whole identity builder. As a marketing tool it can be central for many activities across your ecommerce site that will constantly drive your business forward.

First off, you can enable customization for a pre-made products. Normally, customers would ask you to amend a label or replace an image with own logo. Making such products “designable” will ease you up on accepting and streamlining the orders. A whole new automated sales channel will be open to scale up your overall sales.

By having more and more of designed products, you will be knowing what your audience is up to and, thus, knowing the communities you are catering. Is it a stag/hen party guys, students, brotherhoods, universities, family reunions, politics or such? Those kind of ideas would allow you building up a gallery of pre-made designs people can look over, engage, open up in designer and make an order of the amended or same design.

Finally, what may hold users from sharing their ideas across social networks and their friends? Incentivise your customers to share their orders. With the modern social rebate systems they can win discounts or free products once they gathered up lots of likes for something you have printed for them. Not to mention that such social users would bring you more customers to have a personalized apparel of their own.

When catering communities or organizations you can always put design tool as central point of sale. Projects like Teespring allow for launching campaigns where one’s idea may bring individual profit and bonuses. Why not promoting your own business and product in a same way. Building a fundraising micro-sites around your customizable product would open a whole new scaled channel of sales!

All of the above is not a limited list, you are always limited by just your imagination. Social projects, fundraising, charities, crowdfunding all of that is just one LiveArt away to let it happen to your business.

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