Multiple sides in LiveArt HTML5

If you own a product personalization business you can get benefit from an online designer. To begin with, you should look for a solution based on the type of product. Designer with one-side support works well for decals, signs, or banners. What if you want to offer to personalize 4 sides of a uniform (i.e. front, back, left, right)? Or what if you offer to customize all 6 sides of a gift box? With a one-side designer, you would have to show different sides of your product as separate items. That would be confusing and frustrating for the user to work with the designer. In such case support of multi-sided products becomes one of the key criteria of your choice. Simple switching between sides and instant preview of any changes will help customers not losing their design of front while working on the back design of some product.

LiveArt HTML5 Product Designer allows users to personalize multi-sided products. The number of sides is optimized for up to 6, but more are available with slight customization. You can use it for custom printed gift cards, custom uniforms, business cards, signs, and a wide variety of products that need multi-sides support.

Add/edit feature in LiveArt Html5 designer

With LiveArt HTML5 Product Designer you can make a set of different products with different numbers of sides each. You can have in your designer t-shirt with 4 parts for user customization (front, back, left sleeve, right sleeve), a bag with 1 side to customize, and a tank top with 2 sides at the same time.

Select different products feature in LiveArt Html5 designer

If you want to offer to your customer's customization of more than one side of the product you face the problem of multi-sided support of your online designer tool. LiveArt HTML5 Product Designer easily solves this problem allowing multiple sides for various products. The clear and intuitive interface helps your potential customers proceed with online designing up to final order making the creation process of unique items clear, simple, and pleasant. 

Multiple sides design feature in LiveArt Html5 designer

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