How to raise COVID-19 awareness by custom products

We all want our life to be the same as before the coronavirus. This situation made our usual lifestyle a little different. We all had plans, someone wanted to go abroad, someone to open an offline store, someone to go to the cinema, someone to celebrate graduation at school. But now we must more than ever be together and protect each other. But it’s also very crucial not to panic. Awareness and understanding of the situation are better than panic.

Custom products are one of the ways to feel together during the quarantine. That is why the LiveArt team wants to support you and share with you how to raise COVID-19 awareness by custom products and how to create them.


custom black coronavirus t-shirt with


Custom coronavirus t-shirts

One of the most trendy things this summer, of course, after the masks, are custom coronavirus t-shirts. Phrases like Stay at home, Coronavirus: I survived or Forgive me if I don’t shake hands have become very popular. When it comes to humor, it gets easier. Moreover, if your team works remotely and you have Zoom or Discord video conferences, then such t-shirts can significantly enhance team spirit. After all, nothing unites so much as a struggle against a common enemy. Many people take part in a flashmob called “Stay at home” in social media channels. It is a way to claim yourself as a conscious person. And custom t-shirt can be one of the methods to raise COVID-19 awareness more.

If you have an online store or you are moving your business online now, it can be helpful to add web to print tool. With it, you can offer your customers to create their own individual t-shirts designs.

LiveArt HTML5 Product designer makes the customization process more comfortable and help you meet your customer’s needs in a few steps. LiveArt designer offers a wide range of fonts and a huge ready artwork gallery (or you can upload your own) that can be useful to create a perfect custom t-shirt. Features like text effects and the ability to create multilayer images with colorizable layers make the design process more interactive and the product more attractive. Also, customers can easily save and share the coronavirus design with others. 


custom green coronavirus sport uniform with

Custom apparel

Due to quarantine, people have a lot of free time, so they began to do sports at home. Many sports coaches start posting video lessons with exercises on YouTube or other social media channels. For example, if you post lessons where you do sport at custom coronavirus uniforms, you remind people that this is crucial to stay at home. Moreover, wearing a multicolor uniform can brighten gray weekdays and get in the mood. 

Online sports shops can also offer their customers to design sports uniform for doing sport at home. They have a chance not only to raise COVID-19 awareness but raise their brand awareness. Offering custom products for at-home fitness can drive a more engaged audience and traffic.


custom round sticker with



Since we are now in quarantine, it is essential to continue to delight each other, because people still have birthdays and memorable dates. Even sending a small custom gift to your friend is a sign of support. It has become trendy among young people to give each other either custom masks or t-shirts, or other things with symbols of the coronavirus.

Also, when ordering food or some goods, companies often deliver products in custom packets or put custom sticker designs. This has essentially become one of the brand’s responsibilities to remind its customers how important it is to take precautions and stay at home.

The best thing that we can do now - is to stay together and support each other. Things like custom coronavirus products can not only unite us but raise awareness of other people. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance or have questions. Stay safe!

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