Using Product Designer for Fundraising and Campaign Web-to-Print Stores

Running campaigns and fundraising became a popular way to get money for your startup or a noble cause. Projects like IndieGogo feature thousands of projects in various industries including art and technology. Buying an apparel to support a certain cause is also a great way of self-actualization and expression. Professional marketers can easily turn any idea into the form of attractive design one would desire to wear.

This also frequently means you get something of a limited edition, which is itself is another incentive to pull the trigger and spend some $20 for a tee with unique design.

Campaign-making is also an easy way to start getting money rather fast and with extremely low start costs. What you normally need is simply design your personalized merchandise (it could be t-shirt, tank, hoodie, mug or any other customizable promotional product). With the help of online designer tool you can create unique printed product featuring own typeface, styling and artwork. If needed, it can be even customizable further by users.

Then just describe your goal, announce support of a crowdfunding cause, set quantity and pricing goals and off you go! Effective supportive marketing would help you to get to your target audience attention and motivate them to join the campaign and support the cause. From here SEO of your microsite or respective sharing among popular social networks would also play well.

Campaign based sites normally handle everything on the back-office including manufacturing process, packaging, handling the payments and delivery. Nonetheless, the center of such solution is online product designer that creates a unique selling point to your design, idea and cause.

Using LiveArt designer tool as campaign designer makes the whole process easy, clear and fun. A number of sites including and have already successfully using LiveArt HTML5 designer for their campaigns. Their success is now just a matter of time.

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