7 Great Events You Could Open Your Custom Printed Apparel Shop For

Opening up a web2print shop for occasion could be a good start for your business, if done right and in time. Many existing businesses cater specific events that always have a stable demand of personalized apparel or other promotional products like mugs or can holders.

Here are some ideas for you, maybe another event comes close to your area and it’s an opportunity you’ve been always waiting for!

Special local events.
Any concert, competition or gathering always involves promotional products including personalized trophies. Maybe you live just across the road where Oshkosh Fly-In would happen? You can create own apparel then with sponsors logos and name of the event. Everyone would know such t-shirts would be one of a kind, so they would like to have one!


Company team building.
Such events became very popular, especially among companies where people are sitting inside cubicles 9 to 5 without much communicating. Giving out t-shirts with embroidered company logo, person name and custom design on the back could really drive fun and spirit into large teams.

Corporate gifts.
Getting a salary and friday pizza is not the only incentive for the company workers. Doing nice personalized gifts like custom hand-stamped jewellery could include company name and a thank you message for being part of it.

Family reunions.
Designing shirts for everyone who visited reunion with a family name and personalized design could not only connect people, but also leave them with something to remember when they get back to home. It’s fun and uniting, so make sure you don’t miss such event to print them a bunch of t-shirts.


Birthday parties.
If you’re helping with child’s birthday party, why not making it memorable. You can print a t-shirt for each visiting kid, do a table cover with wishes and photos of birthday boy or girl, and leave everyone with a souvenir at the end. Finally, you can even print out a cake topping with a beloved comics heroes of a child and his personal wishes.

Stag and Hens parties.
Buying same tank tops for everyone, decorated in bright and brutal sayings - what could be more fun to celebrate such an occasion. What’s more, each apparel piece can be imprinted with a person name, so that they are completely personalized! This leads us to the final event you can really get a fortune from.

Another occasion where personalized gift boxes, save the date custom postcards and even apparel (sometimes) are ordered before the show takes place. The table cards are normally decorated with your name and the gift box always contains a magnet you can put on your fridge as a trophy.

That’s it, gather up your designs and templates, and make it attractive for everyone that comes into your site or store to get special products printed for their very special event.

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