Plans for 2016 LiveArt HTML5 Development

Yes, it’s 2016 down the road and we thought we might share some plans of how LiveArt will improve. Some of you might already know about the Voting Portal, where everyone can leave a feature request to implement or give their votes for existing ones. These features are reviewed by our technical team and prioritized for development. Normally, we make patch releases twice a month and minor ones each season. In addition to the ongoing list of small features and tweaks, there is a number of game-changers that we plan long term.

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Responsive version
The mobile version of LiveArt HTML5 is currently released as a beta version where anyone can either try it or purchase as a component or part of a complete Magento or WooCommerce solution. We continue working on it to deliver the best experience on any mobile device. Releases are available for standalone version and for the incoming Magento 2 integration.

Man holding smartphone with LiveArt Html5 designer and designing hoodie

Moving to a faster core engine
We started with Raphael back in 2013. It’s one of the best libraries, written by former Adobe employees and it served us well to a certain extent. However, lack of flexibility and performance our users require led us to the point where we are migrating to the next generation core, which will be releasing under the 1.X.X branch. The new Core is also supplied in customization projects, where it proved to be more effective and faster than Raphael.

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Fluent support of legacy SVG graphics
Having plenty of graphics from your old solution or gallery of EPS you’d like to add? LiveArt’s implementation of native SVG coloring support will allow you to use multicolor images easier than ever. Integration with native or cloud conversion services like CloudConvert allows much more formats for upload and processing.

More configurability, more web2print support!
Technologies and the number of web2print industries change almost daily, so at LiveArt we do all best to keep up with the pace. By gathering up feedback and developing new features we bring printers and their customers closer for better customization and ordering process.

Stay tuned for release notes and share your ideas on Voting Portal!

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Volodymyr Yatsevsky
LiveArt Online Design Software Product Manager
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