Meet Renewed LiveArt HTML5 Product Designer. Release 0.10.19

We proudly present the next major release of LiveArt HTML5, version 0.10 that features more sophisticated responsive layout, add images from social networks feature and tons of small improvements you would be pleased at.

General Improvements

Our team took a moment to step back and process numerous feedbacks from our customers and users. We are now seeking for more clean and streamlined experience, while maintaining general robustness of the tool. The icons and layout were changed for both desktop and mobile performance.

The mobile mode looks a bit different of course, yet provides same level of experience.

Let us have a look at the particular features improvements for end user:

  1. Snap guides. Any object can now be "snapped" to the vertical or horizontal center line, next to an object, edge of working area or at certain angles. This was a long awaited feature, which now users can enjoy to make their designs even more sharp and neat.
  2. Social networks upload. Add Facebook, Instagram, Google or Flicks images to your design. This feature is customizable, so you can turn it on only if required.
  3. More resize handles. Additional handles added to stretch or shrink image or added text.
  4. Pantone color palette. Along with ability to set color wheel or limited set of colors, we have added configurable Pantone Palette of colors. More to come!

Developer Features

Developers would be pleased with additional API extensions as well as minor improvements.

  1. .NET Samples Available.
  2. GitHub Trial. The trial package is now available and regularly updated at our github repository -
  3. Translation API. All important labels and messages are now contained in a single file to facilitate localisation of LiveArt to various languages.

As always, please welcome to share the features you'd like most to be released soon in our Voting Portal - 

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