Paradigm Shift of Personalization Tools Towards Simplicity

The online product customization software has been traditional in a sense of UI for over a decade now. The instruments might be different, going from old-school Javascript, then Flash and Silverlight, and, finally, Javascript again, albeit with more assistive technologies like JQuery and Bootstrap.

The advent of mobile devices powerful enough to compete with desktop PCs has changed everything in a way how common customer personalizes their product. The previous online personalization tools were mostly intended to work with desktop computers, which included a common single input device as mouse (keyboards were never usable for customizing a t-shirt as primary device). Using the above one could select a product from catalog and add simple personalization of text and artwork.

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As users became more technologically savvy, the online personalization tools offered more and more features. At certain point they almost started to resemble professional software like Adobe Photoshop. Such tools offered user lots of buttons and options increasing both complexity of UI and CPU load at the same time. The online design tool right for the user had to choose now between sophisticated tools on the one hand and simplicity and load speed at the other.

The mobile interfaces for iOS, Android, Windows 8 devices came along with simplicity concept that had to exist in all applications people would install. Respectively, users would expect same experience from html-based web applications for online product customization. The fact of expected simplicity has shifted paradigm of complex and sophisticated features for the sake of clean and neat UI that would allow customers quickly apply custom text and images to the product and checkout without lengthy and complex process.

Are you still using old and complex online personalization tools? Need a replacement to quick and neat online product designer that would work on both desktop PC and all mobile devices? Request a demo today to get advice for right online design software for your website.

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  • Mike

    7/23/2013 3:46:55 PM | Reply

    I need design option for my site, contact me when able. Has to work on ipads too. Thanks!

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