Case Study: Using LiveArt as Sign Designer

Cutting down costs on production mockup preparation is one of the most challenges for web2print business. That is why our customers thrive on switching over to automated design provisioning as quickly as possible. This way, the designer is not just giving out what the design would look like but also does the homework of removing unnecessary elements, placing bleeds and marks, crucial for production. This is what we do as part of our custom projects.

Decal design example from StickyLife online shop

For any irregularly shaped sign design products, LiveArt offers the simple capability for providing mask and overlay layers in addition to base one. Grommets, bleeds, cut lines, and any other production-related elements could be added to the product templates, allowing end-users to see and position elements accurately from the first time. These elements also reduce a lot going back and forth with customers making adjustments to the production mockup, drastically raising the chance of having everything set up correctly.

Serving as an all-in-one designer, LiveArt is not just about promo products. Depending on the needs, it may become a truly multi-purpose tool for any decoration industry and printing needs. Signs, banners, decals - it is just a matter of setup and configuration, with no need to purchase and implement a specialized designer for each of the tasks. To have a better understanding of how our tool works, welcome play with our online sign design software demo.

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Volodymyr Yatsevsky
LiveArt Online Design Software Product Manager
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